Frank Beltrame - Bayonet Palisander - FB 23/82B

Frank Beltrame - Bayonet Palisander - FB 23/82B
Frank Beltrame - Bayonet Palisander - FB 23/82B
Frank Beltrame - Bayonet Palisander - FB 23/82B
Frank Beltrame - Bayonet Palisander - FB 23/82B
Frank Beltrame - Bayonet Palisander - FB 23/82B
Frank Beltrame - Bayonet Palisander - FB 23/82B
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64,50 EUR
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Classic Italian Stiletto Rosewood Bayonet 23 cm, traditional Italian spring knife with natural wood cladding. Hand-made according to the principles of Italian craftsmanship, Frank Beltrame Stiletto knives have become famous all over the world due to their extreme lightness and durability. Thanks to its properties, the Italian dagger is suitable for use in any environment, from hunting to camping. A solid, durable construction, a strong spring opening the blade is a feature of the classic Italian spring belts Frank Beltrame.

  Blade - extremely sharp with a Spear Point (Bayonet) profile, 3.5 mm thick with a short false blade increasing the piercing properties. Made of easily sharpened stainless steel AISI 420 MA5M, characterized by high corrosion resistance. Hardened steel 56 HRC. Plain type blade, derived with a flat grind providing good cutting and penetration properties. The steel guard protects the hand against accidental slipping, and by pressing it allows the blade to be folded.

Handle - covered with linings made of exotic hardwood rosewood with a beautiful pattern, in natural brown. Finished with polished nickel bolsters, it provides a comfortable and secure grip. The safety of use is increased by the ergonomic shape of the handle that prevents the hand from slipping during work. Rivets made of brass.

Lock - prevents accidental folding or opening of the blade. Opening the automatic knife is done using a solid button located on the handle.

Spring - special attention is paid to spring design (stainless steel): the blade must be opened within a few hundredths of a second (feature of Stiletto knives). The Beltrame folder when opening the blade gives a distinctive sound (click) which distinguishes it from other spring knives.

Technical data:
Product number: FB 23 / 82B
Name: Classic Italian Stiletto Dagger Palissandro Bayonet 23
Steel type: AISI 420 MA5M
Rockwell blade hardness: 56 HRC
Blade length: 98 mm / 3.86 "
Blade thickness: 35 mm / 1.13 "
Overall length: 230 mm / 9.06 "
Weight: 105 g / 3.35 oz
Blade: Plain
Type of blade: Spear Point
Knife lock: Yes
Type of handle: Palissander Wood
Producer: F.LLI Beltrame, Italy

FB 23/82B
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