ASP - A50 Airweight Agent Concealable Teleskopschlagstock Disc Loc 50cm - 52224

  • ASP - A50 Airweight Agent Concealable Teleskopschlagstock Disc Loc 50cm - 52224
  • ASP - A50 Airweight Agent Concealable Teleskopschlagstock Disc Loc 50cm - 52224
  • ASP - A50 Airweight Agent Concealable Teleskopschlagstock Disc Loc 50cm - 52224
  • ASP - A50 Airweight Agent Concealable Teleskopschlagstock Disc Loc 50cm - 52224
  • ASP - A50 Airweight Agent Concealable Teleskopschlagstock Disc Loc 50cm - 52224
Produktcode: 21784
Produzent: ASP Inc.
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A50 AIRWEIGHT AGENT - a professional folding steel-aluminum telescopic rod with a length of 50 cm (19.63 ") of the Disc Loc type from the American company ASP. The combination of discrete carrying with the possibility of instant use makes the AGENT bar the perfect tool for every civil servant. the shape and impact strength of a full-size truncheon.

Armament System and Procedures Inc. is the official supplier of telescopic batons to over 120 government agencies around the world (including Polish).

Impact surface of the stick - seamless cold drawn pipe of DIN 42CrMo4 grade made of 4140 steel. The central part, forged and then subjected to precise machining is made of 7075 T6 aluminum. The patented combination of steel and aluminum pipes allowed to obtain an extremely light and durable, shockingly effective defense tool.

The AGENT stick sets new standards in the field of defense technologies: the reduced diameter of the stick and grip allow you to move the bar close to the body / inside the pants, low weight, Cap Release button and Nexus clip. The classic bar - Friction Loc - opens with a vigorous wrist movement. The AGENT stick can be opened in two ways, by default - swing - or unfolded by pulling the bar tip. The latter method is beneficial in situations where we care about discretion (no noise) or when the circumstances do not allow for full swing (squeeze, lack of space around). The AGENT stick can be closed with one hand - just release the DiscLoc lock by pressing the Cap Release button at the end of the handle and fold the stick against the surface of the stick.

Steel - designed and manufactured especially for the ASP company by the German company Krupp. 4140 steel is 25% stronger, harder and more resistant to breakage and mechanical damage than 4130 steel. The steel element has been hardened to hardness 49-57 HRC, guaranteeing high resistance of the stick elements to deformation during intensive use. Tip of the bar (Tip) made of carbon steel.

Aluminum - approximately lower, only 2% of their shock potential lost. For the production of the element, seamless pipes specially produced for the ASP company were used. The same aluminum alloy (7075 T6) was used for their construction, from which the castle chambers of the M16 rifles are made. Due to the reduced weight, the inertia effect was reduced, which allowed increasing the frequency of batches.

Black chrome coating - very hard with high abrasion resistance. Type of coating applied to steel in a similar process to galvanization. Black Chrome does not rust like other coatings, does not fall off or flakes off. Black Chrome finish provides a deep black color and corrosion protection.

Grip - knurled with spiral micro indentations (Crosstec Knurled Grip) enables a firm and strong grip in all conditions.

Clip - removable Nexus Clip. It can be mounted in many positions, among others up / down which facilitates individual adjustment of the way the baton is worn by the user - hiding the bar and quick access to it when necessary.

Technical data:
Product number: 52224
Name: A50 Airweight Agent Concelable Baton 50 cm
Locking system: Disc Loc Button
Handle Type: Crosstec Knurled Grip (Textured)
Steel type: AISI / SAE: 4140 (steel), 7075 T6 (aluminum)
Folded bat length: 228.60 mm / 9.0 "
Extended baton length: 498.60 mm / 19.63 "
Handle diameter: 22.22 mm / 0.875 "
Weight: 235.31 g / 8.3 oz
Clip: Nexus Clip
Producer: ASP Inc., USA
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