Tokyo Marui - MTR16 Carbine replica - GBB

  • Perfectly made replica of the tactical sporting carbine in modern finnish.
Tokyo Marui - MTR16 Carbine replica - GBB
Tokyo Marui - MTR16 Carbine replica - GBB
Tokyo Marui - MTR16 Carbine replica - GBB
Tokyo Marui - MTR16 Carbine replica - GBB
Tokyo Marui - MTR16 Carbine replica - GBB
Tokyo Marui - MTR16 Carbine replica - GBB
Tokyo Marui - MTR16 Carbine replica - GBB
Tokyo Marui - MTR16 Carbine replica - GBB
Tokyo Marui - MTR16 Carbine replica - GBB
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Model: MTR16
Producer: Tokyo Marui
Caliber: 6 mm
Magazine capacity: Real-Cap, 20 balls
Overall length: 840 / 920 mm
Power: Gas Blow Back, Closed Bolt
Power supply: Gas
Material: Aluminum + ABS
Weight: 2680 g
Initial speed: 380 fps
Hop Up: YES, adjustable
Fire selector: YES - semi - auto
Color: black

Perfectly made gas replica of the AR-15 carbine in a modern, lightweight produced by renowned Tokyo Marui.

The carbine surprises with a perfect reproduction of the work of the original model thanks to the use of the high power blow back with Z System. The use of modern elements and full reciprocity make the replica meet the expectations of each user.

The use of a lightweight polymer stock and pistol grip results in a perfect balance of the carabine. The almost vertical grip significantly improves comfort, reducing wrist fatigue and allowing prolonged use. In combination with a low-profile stock with a prominent buttplate, it forms an exceptionally ergonomic set.

The bottom of the stock is equipped with a RIS rail on which a factory mounted accessory is installed to improve its support. In addition, the user has at his disposal 3 QD ports, on both sides of the stock and at the receiver endplate.

Flat sport trigger with short stroke for excellent fire control. The manipulators are perfectly positioned on both sides and are characterized by high smoothness of work. The clamping handle in the classic charging handle system has been enlarged to make it easier to work in dynamic situations.

Modern foregrip with a highly open construction has been extended to the entire length of the barrel so that allows for the proper hand layout. RIS rail for targeting devices has been placed on the whole length of the foregrip and the upper receiver. On the rear section there are engraved gate markings so that we can remember the layout of devices mounted on the carabine.

M-LOK standard holes allow the installation of accessories such as grips and lighting fixtures. In addition, three M-LOK mounted RIS rails have been added to the kit to allow you to use the accessories you already have. Thanks to the open construction of the bed, the barrel of fluted type with a compensator is visible.

The magazine equipped with a gas tank was made to reproduce short, sports magazines and has a real capacity of 20 balls.

The use of aluminium in the construction of the entire replica makes it extremely well reflects the original. The combination of modern solutions with a proven platform makes the carbine meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. The original Cerakote coating applied translates into exceptional surface resistance.

In the set:
- replica
- magazine
- 3 RIS rails (S,M,L)
- allen keys
- manual
- warranty

NOTE: Replica must be filled only with low-pressure 144a gas. The use of Green Gas can cause damage to the mechanism of the replica.

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