MAC Coltellarie - Folder, 80mm - 697 RESCUE RED

MAC Coltellarie - Folder, 80mm - 697 RESCUE RED
MAC Coltellarie - Folder, 80mm - 697 RESCUE RED
MAC Coltellarie - Folder, 80mm - 697 RESCUE RED
MAC Coltellarie - Folder, 80mm - 697 RESCUE RED
MAC Coltellarie - Folder, 80mm - 697 RESCUE RED
MAC Coltellarie - Folder, 80mm - 697 RESCUE RED
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14,50 EUR
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697 RESCUE RED, safe, ultra-light, one of the lightest rescue knives available on the market! Intended for aggressive cutting / cutting of textile materials, hard plastics and fibrous like ropes, cords, tapes, belts. The ergonomic shape of the blade protects against the injuries of both the person released / rescued and serving the knife. Bestseller of the Italian company MAC Coltellerie - the best price-quality ratio!

When designing, the company used many years of experience in creating rescue knives. Designed for professionals as an indispensable element of equipment for specialist units of emergency services (fire brigade, medical and road rescue), it can be successfully used by people who value safety, including drivers. This knife is to ensure effective work of people under the greatest pressure, pressure to save human life, when every second decides about life or death. Knife is also suitable for fast and safe cutting of seat belts, cutting clothes during first aid and cutting the victim.

The blade - 2.5 mm thick with a modified, safe Drop Point profile. Made of a corrosion-resistant polished chrome-carbon martensitic stainless steel W 1.4034 (X39Cr13 / 4H13), hardened in the range of 55-56 HRC. Suitable for long-term contact with water. Enlarged longitudinal notch allows you to open the knife with cold or wet hands as well as in the glove. The serrated serrated blade (finished for safety with a smooth, blunt tip) with excellent cutting properties is derived by a flat grind, which enables quick, effective cuts, cuts, cuts, cuts. Robust Back-Lock.

Serrated Edge - (serrated blade) used in rescue, survival and tactical knives. It consists alternately of one large and two small teeth called two-step. This pattern increases the cutting edge length by up to 24% in relation to the straight edge. Ideal for aggressive cutting of hard materials, plastics and fibrous materials.

Handle - in red. Molded toe pads made of impact-resistant nylon combined with glass fiber (Glass-Fiber Nylon). The covers are covered with a non-slip texture that provides a perfect grip both with and without gloves. In the back of the handle, a hole (lanyard hole) to pull the safety rope.

Technical data:
Product number: 697 RESCUE RED (269R)
Steel type: In 1.4034
Hardness of the blade: 55-56 HRC
The length of the blade: 80.0 mm / 3.14 "
Thickness of the blade: 2.5 mm / 0.098 "
Overall length: 190.0 mm / 7.48 "
Weight: 85.0 g / 3.0 oz
Cutting edge type: Serrated
Type of blade: Drop Point
Handle material: Glass-Fiber Nylon
Producer: MAC Coltellerie, Italy

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