Spyderco - Police Model™ 4 G-10 Black Knife - C07GP4

  • Police Model 4 G-10 Black - one of the most recognizable and permanent folders any produced. Police4 features - wide blade with a full flat cut; steel blade K390; steel liners; robust Back-Lock mechanism.
Spyderco - Police Model™ 4 G-10 Black Knife - C07GP4
Spyderco - Police Model™ 4 G-10 Black Knife - C07GP4
Spyderco - Police Model™ 4 G-10 Black Knife - C07GP4
Spyderco - Police Model™ 4 G-10 Black Knife - C07GP4
Spyderco - Police Model™ 4 G-10 Black Knife - C07GP4
Spyderco - Police Model™ 4 G-10 Black Knife - C07GP4
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Police Model 4 G-10 Black Plain Edge one of the most recognizable and durable folding knives of any type produced in history. The brand new knife introduced to the market in the 1980s and the constantly improved police knife has already been developed in the fourth generation.

Distinguishing features of Police4 - wide blade with a full flat cut; tool steel blade K390; steel liners; extremely durable Back-Lock mechanism. The folder has been designed in such a way that in the slim handle you can hide the longest possible blade with high cutting force and compact dimensions after folding it.

Blade - about 3 mm thickness with an aggressive Clip Point profile, made of K390 steel. Smooth blade (Plain type) was made with a full flat cut (Full Flat Grind). An enlarged 14 mm round SpyderHole cut-out (Spyderco patent) allows you to open the knife in the glove. Extremely durable blockade (Back-Lock type) Notched thumb ramp and notched Finger Choil and arched cut under the index finger between the handle and the cutting edge makes it easy to control the folder.

K390 MicroClean - easy machining, advanced powder tool steel with high content of vanadium, tungsten, cobalt and high hardness 64 HRC. Manufactured at the Austrian Böhler - Uddeholm steelworks. The secret of high quality lies in the production of powder steels. The very fine, homogeneous microstructure guarantees optimal workability. Three main characteristics of steel: extremely high abrasion resistance, exceptional impact strength, high compressive strength. Benefits: high blade life (can increase several hundred percent), reduced probability of cracking or chipping of the cutting edge, improvement of the quality of the blade. However, it should be remembered that it is not stainless steel.

Handle - covered with non-slip textured pads made from G-10 material (durable, resistant to high and low temperatures, chemicals). Metal hourglass clip with the possibility of fixing in four planes (up / down, right / left). 4-way clip positions. The skeletal full stainless steel inserts and the massive steel spacers with covers ensure high grip strength with a low knife weight.

Technical specification:

Product number: C07P
Name: Police Model Stainles Steel PlainEdge
Steel type: VG-10
The length of the blade: 105 mm / 4.15 "
Thickness of the blade: 3 mm / 0.12 "
Overall length: 241 mm / 9.47 "
Length after folding: 135 mm / 5.32 "
Weight: 164 g / 5.8 oz
Cutting edge type: Plain (smooth)
Cut type: Hollow Grind
Lock type: Back-Lock
Handle type: Stainless Steel
Clip: 4-position / Ambidextrous
Country of origin: Japan
Producer: Spyderco, U.S.A.

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