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Pietta - 1858 Remington New Model Army Buffalo Bill .44 - RGA44BB

  • Pietta - 1858 Remington New Model Army Buffalo Bill .44 - RGA44BB
  • Pietta - 1858 Remington New Model Army Buffalo Bill .44 - RGA44BB
  • Pietta - 1858 Remington New Model Army Buffalo Bill .44 - RGA44BB
  • Pietta - 1858 Remington New Model Army Buffalo Bill .44 - RGA44BB
  • Pietta - 1858 Remington New Model Army Buffalo Bill .44 - RGA44BB
Produktcode: 21058
Produzent: Pietta Firearms
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1858 New Model Army Buffalo Bill .44 - covered with gilding, exquisitely crafted version of the DeLux hood of Remington black-and-black revolver in caliber .44. Six-shot, charging with a black-oxide steel frame and knurled grip covers.

This unique model created not only for shooting was covered with gilded ornamental floral ornaments (frame, barrel, gladiator) and on the cylinder of the drum was recorded: the scene Buffalo Bill on a horse and on the other side his portrait. Decorations were made with titanium nitride (TIN) - an extremely hard coating used in the production of tools. This material in a warm golden color, increases resistance to wear and abrasion several times.

Remington the first revolver that possessed the so-called the closed skeleton (one-piece skeleton surrounded the drum with cartridges), which made it more reliable than the Colt revolvers he now had, in which they had an open skeleton. The closed frame also provided more rigidity to the structure. Another advantage was the possibility of removing the entire drum and setting up a new, already loaded one. Cylinder drum with rectangular cutouts for the drum latch. Barrel screwed into the skeleton. Manufactured in 1863-1875, in two calibers, .36 inch Navy model (for navy) and .44 cal Army model (for army). It is estimated that about 122,000 units of this model have left the factory.

Construction - steel frame, black oxidized. Knurled covers made of nut wood. Octagonal barrel with a length of 8 ", thread pitch 1-30". The trigger guard (cover) made of brass.

Trigger - the trigger mechanism allows two positions: a half taut designed for putting hoods on fireplaces and stretched in order to cast a shot.

Busted - lever (stamp), hinged under the barrel of the revolver, designed to press the lead balls in the drum chambers.

Remington Model 1858 - William F.'s favorite "Buffalo Bill" Cody's revolver. A copy of this weapon, belonging to Will, can be seen at the Remington Arms Company headquarters with a handwritten note that reads: "I wore this old Remington revolver and used it for many years, in wars against the Indians and to kill bison. And it never let me down. "It is worth noting that Bufallo Bill was so attached to his weapon that he used it even after the emergence of more modern revolvers for a composite cartridge. The sources of this attachment can be seen in the great accuracy and power of refuting that revolver. The missiles fired from Remington 1858 were capable, depending on the quantity and quality of the gunpowder used, to achieve significant muzzle velocities, from 168 to 393 and more meters per second. For comparison, the initial speed of the projectile fired from the P-64 pistol is 305 meters per second.

  Technical data:
Product number: RGA44BB
Name: 1858 Remington New Model Army Buffalo Bill .44
Finish: Black, titanium nitride
Caliber: .44
Lock type: Hood
Drum: 6-chamber
Release mechanism: SA (single action)
Frame type: Closed steel
Handle: nut wood
Barrel shape: octagonal
Overall length: 370.84 mm / 14.6 "
Barrel length: 203.2 mm / 8 "
Height: 125 mm / 4.92 "
Width: 51 mm / 2.01 "
Thread lead: 1:30
Weight: 1250 g / 44.09 oz
Producer: Pietta, Italy

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