Spyderco - Atlantic Salt Black FRN Knife - C89SBK

  • Atlantic Salt Black Spyder, a full-size rescue from the SALT series. He is adored by sailors, lifeguards, sailors, fishermen, people who value active lifestyle. Made of moisture-resistant H-1 titanium steel clip resistant to rust and stir salt.
Spyderco - Atlantic Salt Black FRN Knife - C89SBK
Spyderco - Atlantic Salt Black FRN Knife - C89SBK
Spyderco - Atlantic Salt Black FRN Knife - C89SBK
Spyderco - Atlantic Salt Black FRN Knife - C89SBK
Spyderco - Atlantic Salt Black FRN Knife - C89SBK
Spyderco - Atlantic Salt Black FRN Knife - C89SBK
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129,50 EUR
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Atlantic Salt Black FRN Spyder, full-size rescue sailing knife, one of the most versatile folders from the SALT line. Adored and used by seafarers, marine lifeguards and medical EMT. Eagerly used by people who value safety and lead an active lifestyle. The ultra-light folder works well in any extreme conditions. Made of adapted for long-term contact with moisture, resistant to salt and rust of unique H1 steel. Knives from this steel arouse lust among sailors, divers, fishermen, fishermen, survival lovers. A perfect EDC folder!

Made of the Myodo Foundry steel produced in the Japanese foundry, high-chromium, low-carbon (rolled without heat treatment) H-1 stainless steel with a hardness 57-58 HRC. It contains 14-16% chromium, 0.15%carbon, 3-4.5% silicon and 1% nitrogen. All internal parts of steel have been specially treated, making them resistant to rust and salt.

Blade - 3 mm thickness with a Sheepfoot profile (sheep's foot) ended with a blunt oval tip, which protects the rescued person against injuries. An enlarged 14 mm round SpyderHole cut-out (Spyderco patent) allows you to open the knife with cold or wet hands as well as in a glove. Enlargement increased the hump of support for the thumb, the ramp. Locking blade (Back-Lock) blade with additional protection against accidental release of the lock (notch in the blockade) of David Boye's project.

Spyder Edge - (Spyderco patent) the serrated blade has a concave cut (Hollow Grind), enables efficient cuts with considerable force. Spyder blade consists alternately of one large and two small teeth called „two-step”. This pattern increases the cutting edge length by up to 24% compared to the straight edge. Ideal for aggressive cutting of hard materials, plastics and fibrous materials including ropes, belts

Handle - in black color. Made of plastic FRN (Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon), fiberglass reinforced nylon. Covered with a checkerboard pattern of non-slip Volcano Grip texture that prevents the knife from slipping. The folder is equipped with a solid screw-on titanium clip (left / right-handed) that allows you to carry the knife in the tip-up position (tip up). At the back of the linings hole (lanyard hole) to pull the leash or rope. The hollow seat in the handle covers serves as a key to unscrew / tighten the shackles.

Technical specification:
Product number: C89SBK
Name: Atlantic Salt Lightweight Black FRN SpyderEdge
Steel type: H-1
The length of the blade: 93 mm / 3.68 "
Thickness of the blade: 3 mm / 0.118 "
Overall length: 210 mm / 8.27 "
Composite length: 117 mm / 4.59 "
Weight: 74 g / 2.6 oz
Cutting edge type: Spyder (serrated)
Cut type: Hollow Grind (concave)
Lock type: Back-Lock
Handle type: FRN, Volcano
Clip: Tip-Up, Left / Right
Country of origin: Japan
Producer: Spyderco, U.S.A.

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