ASP - Tungsten 2 LED Flashlight - 35702

ASP - Tungsten 2 LED Flashlight - 35702
ASP - Tungsten 2 LED Flashlight - 35702
ASP - Tungsten 2 LED Flashlight - 35702
ASP - Tungsten 2 LED Flashlight - 35702
ASP - Tungsten 2 LED Flashlight - 35702
ASP - Tungsten 2 LED Flashlight - 35702
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87,00 EUR
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Professional tactical flashlight Tungsten 2 of the American company ASP (Armament System and Procedures Inc). The ASP company is famous as a supplier of the highest quality tactical equipment for uniformed services (including flashlights, telescopic batons). ASP products are characterized by remarkable durability, care for the quality of workmanship, guarantee reliability of use for many years of service.

Rechargeable Tungsten 2 torch with Cree XPG2 R5 LED with 350 lumens (measured according to ANSI FL-1 standard). The LED is characterized by very high light output at a small size and immediate lighting up to a maximum value. The smooth reflector provides a large perfect outer ring, inside which it finds a perfectly round intensely glowing center (a feature desirable in all tactical flashlights).

 Lens - hardened, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective.

Power supply - via 2xCR123A lithium battery. Charging the flashlight is done using a wall charger, car charger or USB on the computer. The USB port and the LED indicating the battery level are hidden in the flashlight body.

Body - durable made of anodized aircraft aluminum, black matt coating covered with soft vinyl foam for a secure grip. Rubber gaskets on the threads ensure water resistance, the flashlight has a removable attachment clip attached.

Switch - type ILC Switch (Intermittent, Locked, Constant) with three modes of operation: "temporary mode" - "off" - "on".

Contacts - the flashlight has gold-plated contacts to prevent them from falling asleep. In 2009, the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) together with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) created the first global standard for defining, measuring and marking flashlights. These standards called ANSI / NEMA FL1 allow consumers to choose the best flashlight to meet their needs using simple icons. FL-1 Standard (flashlight performance measured with new batteries attached to the flashlight or recommended by the manufacturer).

350 lumens (number of lumens after turning on the flashlight for 30-120 seconds)
Continuous work time 2 hours
Impact resistance 2 m (flashlight and batteries fall on a concrete surface)
IPX4 - waterproof product
Technical specifications:
Product number: 35702
Category: Tactical / Duty
Finish: Black Matt
Body: Anodized Aviation Aluminum
Handle type: aluminum
Light power: 350 lm
Source of light: CREE XPG2 R5 LED
Work time: 2 hrs
The anti-shock: 2 m
Water resistance: IPX4
Dimensions (mm / in): 134.5 x 21 | 5.30 x 8.27
Weight with battery (g / oz): 90.0 / 3.17
Power supply: 2 x CR123A lithium batteries
Clip: Yes
Manufacturer: ASP, USA
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