Ekol - Blank Firing Revolver Viper 4,5" K-6L Fume - 6mm long

Ekol - Blank Firing Revolver Viper 4,5" K-6L Fume - 6mm long
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EKOL Viper 4.5 "K-6L, alarm revolver for side-firing ammunition in 6mm caliber (long) with a ventilated 4.5-inch barrel. The extended ammunition cartridge (long) gives a stronger, realistic bang than the standard 6mm caps ( short). The K-6L 4.5 "revolver is perfect as a self-defense device for a solid appearance, a long barrel, and awes to effectively deter potential attackers. Includes a flares attachment in emergency services to call for help, it will also work during New Year's Eve party.

  The barrel - 4.5 inches, medium length ventilated barrel used in EKOL Viper revolvers. At a time when duels were resolved to resolve disputes in the wild west, the rapid selection of weapons was a determining factor for survival. To faster draw weapons (and save lives), began to shorten barrels, which was at the expense of weapon accuracy. So the 4.5 ”barrel is a compromise between barrel length and accuracy, with an indication of the superiority of accuracy. As the barrel lengthens, accuracy increases, but at the expense of the weight of the revolver. The longer the barrel, the heavier the revolver. The center of gravity of the weapon also shifts.

  Skeleton - taking care of the high quality of revolvers, Voltran uses technology similar to that used in the production of firearms. The skeleton made of metal guarantees safety of use and reflects the real weight of a real weapon. The steel barrel and drum guarantee reliability during use. High quality, attention to detail and reliability are the hallmarks of EKOL Viper alarm revolvers.

   DA / SA - two operating modes facilitate the use of a revolver. SA (Single Action) mode, the cock's tension before firing, shortens the trigger path, increases the accuracy of the revolver, reduces the force needed to fire the shot, and increases the accuracy of the revolver. DA (Double Action) mode - pressing the trigger causes the shock mechanism to self-energize and release.

  Drum - 6 shots, cal. 6 mm (long). Made like a real revolver made of steel makes Viper a faithful replica of firearms. Equipped with an ejector (shell ejector) allows quick and efficient removal after shooting all shots. The use of extended 6mm Long cartridges instead of short 6mm Short ammunition results in a louder / real shot and allows the use of an ejector.

  Cladding - made of durable ABS plastic in black. Safety of use, comfortable and secure grip are provided by profiled finger notches and the grooved structure of the linings.

  Finish - black / black (covered with black oxidation), fume / graphite (covered with a matte coating), satin / satin (subjected to the process of satinization, i.e. on the surface of a delicate matt, glossy coating), shiny / chrome (polished chrome coating), white / silver (covered with a silver matt coating).

Revolver available without permission, sale to adults.

Set contains:
- EKOL Viper 4.5 "K-6L alarm revolver
- flares attachment
- a polymer case
- instructions

   Technical data:
Product number: EKOL Viper 4.5 "K-6L
Skeleton finish: Black, Fume, White, Chrome, Satin
Caliber: .22 (6 mm Long)
Shots number: 6
Trigger mechanism: SA (Single Action) / DA (Double Action)
Overall length: 238 mm / 9.37 "
Barrel length: 114.3 mm / 4.5 "
Height: 139 mm / 5.47 "
Width: 42 mm / 1.65 "
Weight: 850 g / 1.87 lb
Sights: Yes
Linings: Black, ABS
Producer: Voltran, Turkey
EKOL Viper 4.5'' K-6L Fume
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