Specna Arms - RRA SA-C02 CORE™ Carbine replica - Schwarz

  • Specna Arms - RRA SA-C02 CORE™ Carbine replica - Schwarz
  • Specna Arms - RRA SA-C02 CORE™ Carbine replica - Schwarz
  • Specna Arms - RRA SA-C02 CORE™ Carbine replica - Schwarz
  • Specna Arms - RRA SA-C02 CORE™ Carbine replica - Schwarz
  • Specna Arms - RRA SA-C02 CORE™ Carbine replica - Schwarz
  • Specna Arms - RRA SA-C02 CORE™ Carbine replica - Schwarz
  • Specna Arms - RRA SA-C02 CORE™ Carbine replica - Schwarz
  • Specna Arms - RRA SA-C02 CORE™ Carbine replica - Schwarz
  • Specna Arms - RRA SA-C02 CORE™ Carbine replica - Schwarz
  • Specna Arms - RRA SA-C02 CORE™ Carbine replica - Schwarz
  • Specna Arms - RRA SA-C02 CORE™ Carbine replica - Schwarz
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Produzent: Specna Arms
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Model: RRA SA-C02 CORE™
Manufacturer: Specna Arms
Warranty: 12 months
Velocity: ~380/~310 fps
Gearbox version: v2 Gearbox
Type of fire: Single, auto
Diameter of bearings in GB: 8 mm
Lenght: 695-780 mm
Inner barrel length: 290 mm
Weight: 2250 g
Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh
Magazine type: Hi-Cap magazine
Magazine capacity [pcs]: 300
Hop-Up: Yes, adjustable
Material: Steel + metal + plastic
Battery included: Ni-MH
Battery Voltage: 9,6 V
Propulsion: Electric
Barrel thread type: 14mm CCW
Quick Spring Change System: YES

Specna Arms, meeting the expectations of customers, presents the CORE™ line - a unique series of replicas that introduces a new quality on the market. Attractive price combined with an innovative spring replacement system and high quality materials makes it a series for both beginners and advanced airsoft players.

CORE series carabiners replicas have full, licensed markings of the firearm manufacturer - Rock River Arms. Rock River Arms is an American manufacturer of parts, accessories for firearms and, above all, high quality carabiners from the AR-15 family. Founded in 1996 by the Larson brothers, the company with Forest Baer has its headquarters in Colonie, Illinois. Today, RRA manufactures high-quality AR-15 family carbines at an affordable price and in many variants. Since 2003, the company has been supplying its carbines for a contract for anti-drug agencies DEA, FBI and US Marshals.

The body, the guide together with the enlarged SF type stock, the front grip and pistol grip were made of polymer reinforced with nylon fiber. Other components such as the barrel, flash hider, enlarged handle reloading and tactical suspension assembly were made of metal (all screws, pins, ejection window scales and dummy bolt carrier were made of steel). On the body, markings and serial numbers have been applied.

The replica has been very well fited, the user does not experience any play between the lower and upper body parts. The use of a lightweight body made it possible to reduce weight, which makes it ideal for dynamic competitions or long-lasting milsimas. What's more, fiberglass reinforcement makes the body also more durable than polymer and metal bodies.

The replica uses a quick spring change system, ESA™. This allows quick and efficient adaptation of the replica's power to the conditions expected in the field of play without the need to have access to a workshop or a series of specialized tools - just unscrew the stock guide to show the spring replacement without having to pull or unfold the gearbox.

The advantages of the ESA ™ system are difficult to overestimate. In the light of existing arrangements within the environments themselves, this system guarantees the user considerable opportunities and a lot of freedom. The ESA ™ system allows you to replace the main spring with a minimum of time, and consequently adjust the muzzle velocity of the replica to the gameplay area to ensure the perfect compromise between fire-fighting efficiency and safety of yourself and other players.

The replica has been fully adapted to cooperate with LiPo and LiFe batteries. Thanks to the initial initial muzzle velocity of ~ 380 FPS guaranteed by the factory-mounted main spring, the replica is ideal for medium-range operations. The set also includes an M90 type spring, which allows you to reduce the initial speed to ~ 310 FPS, making the replica perfectly adapted to carry out operations on short distances or inside buildings.

The gearbox has 8mm slide bearings and steel gears mounted on them. The system is secured by means of four anti-reversing pawls. Lightweight, made of polycarbonate plastic, the piston was equipped with a full steel bar increasing its strength. A type 0 cylinder and a steel interrupter as well as a precise rotary hop-up chamber were also used here. Strength of parts allows for cooperation with M140 springs.

The exact Rotary Hop-Up rotary chamber perfectly harmonizes with the high quality precision barrel with a 6.03mm diameter. The use of a precision barrel has a positive effect on the range and accuracy of the replica. You must remember about using high-quality 6mm ammunition.
The replica is equipped with a 22mm RIS ridge and an adjustable stock. On the upper RIS rail, a classic transport grip has been created with a sight. Thanks to the retractable stock ending with a non-slip texture foot, it is possible to adjust the length of the replica to the construction and the shooter's preferences. The standard flash hider is mounted on a 14-millimeter left-handed thread, which allows you to attach a silencer in its place.

The set includes:
- replica
- magazine
- mechanical sights
- additional main spring
- battery
- charger

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