Walther - Pepper Spray Pro Secur UV - Cone - 53 ml - 2.2013

  • A defensive gas with a high concentration of active substance, and power of 2 million SHU. It will stop even a drugged attacker. The gas sprayed in the form of a dispersed cloud (cone) for ease of use - no need for precise targeting.
Walther - Pepper Spray Pro Secur UV - Cone - 53 ml - 2.2013
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Highly efficient pepper spray from the renowned German manufacturer Walther. It has a very high concentration of the active substance OC (oleoresin capsicum) of 10%, with 2 million units of SHU (Scoville). A one second contact with the active substance causes the attacker to be overpowered for up to 45 minutes.

Thanks to its high level of synthetic active substance, Walther Pro Secur is effective even against people who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The time in which the incapacitated attacker is unable to take any aggressive action is even up to 45 minutes. At the same time, the gas is completely safe, as it does not cause permanent
injuries and health complications.

The action of Walther Pro Secur pepper gas causes breathing difficulties, very intense tearing and burning of the eyes and as a result, very limited vision, persistent irritation of the nose, burning of the face skin, often also violent coughing and even torsoing. Pepper gas works so effectively that it almost completely overpowers the attacker, causing his inability to act aggressively.

The new generation of Walther Pro Secur gas includes marking additives, visible only in ultraviolet (UV) light. Thanks to this, the skin and clothing of the attacker are additionally covered with a substance that is invisible to the naked eye and lasts up to several days. Where a person is apprehended by law enforcement, this may constitute clear evidence against him.

Walther Pro Secur defense gas has a new flip-top snap-in lock that protects against accidental use, e.g. when carrying in a pocket.

The advantage of pepper spray in the form of a cone is larger area of effect and easier aiming in high stress situatons.

Capacity: 53 ml
Duration: 45 min.
Range: 1.5 m
Active Ingredient: 10% OC SHU: 2 000 000
Dimensions: 105 x 32 mm
Weight: 65 g

Product contains capsaicin.

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