Esbit - Vacuum Flask XL - 2,1l - WM2100ML

  • The largest Vacuum Flask XL by Esbit, with a capacity of up to 2.1 liters
Esbit - Vacuum Flask XL - 2,1l - WM2100ML
Esbit - Vacuum Flask XL - 2,1l - WM2100ML
Esbit - Vacuum Flask XL - 2,1l - WM2100ML
Esbit - Vacuum Flask XL - 2,1l - WM2100ML
Esbit - Vacuum Flask XL - 2,1l - WM2100ML
Esbit - Vacuum Flask XL - 2,1l - WM2100ML
Esbit - Vacuum Flask XL - 2,1l - WM2100ML
Esbit - Vacuum Flask XL - 2,1l - WM2100ML
2,1 L1,2 L1,5 L
59,75 EUR
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Vacuum Flash XL with a capacity of 1.2 liters is a high quality thermos produced by the German company Esbit. The thermos made of stainless steel is covered with a black anti-slip texture, thanks to which and the presence of a folding handle, the thermos will not slip out of your hand, even when wearing a glove. Inside, the thermos is coated with a thin layer of antibacterial silver. In addition, this layer facilitates the removal of sludge and increases the thermal properties of the thermos.

Thermos Vacum flask provides excellent insulation properties both for keeping drinks cool and for keeping liquids warm.
The manufacturer ensure that the heat is maintained over a period of time for a fluid having a temperature of ~ 98 °C at an air temperature of ~ 20 °C ± 2 °C as follows:
after 6 hours: ~ 70 °C
after 12 hours: ~ 55 °C
after 24 hours: ~ 40 °C

The large opening in the thermos also allows you to carry food through it. This makes it a versatile thermos with a wide range of applications.

The Vacuum Flask is equipped with an automatic plug that allows you to fill one of the two cups that are screwed onto the thermos quickly and without any loss of heat.

The larger cup has a double-layer steel construction like a thermos, so it retains heat longer and increases the insulation level of the whole thermos.

The second cup fits into the outer one, so that two people can drink at the same time.

In the set with the thermos we also get a strap to carry on the shoulder.

Attractive, black and orange colors, characteristic for Esbit company, will also allow you to enjoy the eye, not only taste buds.

- Made of stainless steel
- Double walls
- Externally coated with an anti-slip layer
- Coated from the inside with a thin layer of silver (antibacterial, insulating)
- Two cups included
- Handy, foldable handle
- Shoulder strap

Material: stainless steel
Weight: 1173 g
Capacity: 2,1 l
Diameter: 141 mm
Height: 350 mm
Color: black

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