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Lesovik - Hammock 'Ultralight 2' - Chili

  • Lesovik - Hammock 'Ultralight 2' - Chili
  • Lesovik - Hammock 'Ultralight 2' - Chili
  • Lesovik - Hammock 'Ultralight 2' - Chili
  • Lesovik - Hammock 'Ultralight 2' - Chili
Produktcode: 16934
Produzent: Lesovik
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The Ultralight 2 Chili is the world's lightest full size tourist hammock, weighing just 160 g, yet offers an advanced adjustable suspension system.

ULTRALIGHT 2 is a tribute to those who struggle with every unnecessary piece of equipment. Utilizing advanced technology, super light fabric has created a unique hammock weighing in and weighing so small that it is almost imperceptible. Together with the included SMUK UL suspension system, we weigh only 265 grams and pack 500 ml after packing - not much more than a small can of beverage.

The ULTRALIGHT series is the lightest, smallest packaged hammock. Our main goal was to preserve all the usability and convenience of our other models. We did not limit the weight of the hammock by reducing its dimensions - it is still a full size (300 × 145 cm) hammock for people up to 200 cm tall.

Behind the phenomenal features of the ULTRALIGHT 2 hammocks is the fabric used for their fabric - nylon microfibre pendant lightweight pen. This fabric is very resistant to loads, and the ripstop technology provides protection against fabric damage - even in case of break or tear, the reinforced ripstop fibers prevent further damage. Fiber-coated polyurethane protects against dew and rapid dirt, further strengthening the entire structure and extending its service life. ULTRALIGHT 2 fabric by its lightness and texture to the touch is similar to paper - very nice for the body, even in warmer days. The technique of weaving and dyeing makes the material in the sunlight iridescent, changing the color between orange and yellow fiery.

To further facilitate the use of ULTRALIGHT 2, the standard features an advanced fully adjustable SMUK UL suspension system, which is a modified version of the SMUK System, where we further reduced weight with the use of a 2mm Dyneema super power cable. This cord, which is slightly thicker than a regular lace underwear, withstands over 650 kg of load.

The SMUK UL suspension is designed for quick and convenient hanging of the hammock. The heart of the system is adjustable pulls, so called. whoopie slings - they can be shortened or lengthened at any time, and the range of regulation of a single lift is 30-135 cm - optimal for the effective suspension of the hammock. Adjustment is made by selecting an excess of a specially prepared braid.

ULTRALIGHT 2 is attached to trees with polyamide 20 mm strips wrapped around the trunk forming the so-called. tree huggers - a sure point of suspension that does not damage the bark. At the ends of the tapes, we stowed a four-loop bolt loop into which an anodised aluminum crosspiece slides. The crosses represent a point of support for the Dyneema cords, they are fast and fabulously easy to handle.

Thanks to the easy assembly of the tapes on the tree and fully adjustable lashes, you can freely adjust the hammock after it has been laid out, and not as with ordinary cables or tapes - before.

With such a low weight, low volume after packing and ease of use, ULTRALIGHT 2 can be our companion practically all the time - no matter if it is a city walk, a short trip to the area or a multi-week tour.

- Materials: 100% nylon micro ripstop, Dyneema rope, polyamide straps, anodised aluminum cross bars
- Dimensions: 300 x 145 cm
- Weight: 280 g set / 160 g hammock itself
- Includes: hammock, cover, SMUK UL suspension system, manual
- Color: Chili (bright orange)

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