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Lesovik - Hammock Underquilt 'Otul'

  • Lesovik - Hammock Underquilt 'Otul'
  • Lesovik - Hammock Underquilt 'Otul'
  • Lesovik - Hammock Underquilt 'Otul'
  • Lesovik - Hammock Underquilt 'Otul'
  • Lesovik - Hammock Underquilt 'Otul'
  • Lesovik - Hammock Underquilt 'Otul'
Produktcode: 16930
Produzent: Lesovik
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Otul - underquilt, which is a hammock harness, giving you the possibility to stay in a hammock even in the winter, thanks to excellent protection of the user against wind, frost and moisture.

When sleeping in a hammock, the traditional sleeping bag is heavily compressed, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the insulation from the bottom and sides. Especially annoying is the autumn-winter-spring season, when even good quality mats do not guarantee adequate protection against frost. The Otul's compartment creates a very effective layer of warm air around the hammock, and the accommodation becomes calm and comfortable. Completely eliminates the need for traditional or self-inflating mats.

Otul is the lightest all-in-one synthetic synthetic hammock in its class of temperature.

The effectiveness of the OTUL pillow consists of three elements:
- lightweight, durable and fast drying fabric - polyamide in microstrip weave. The same fabric is made of jackets and sleeping bags of Polish special units GROM and FORMOZA
- excellent insulating layer - CLIMASHIELD Apex 4.0, the world's most effective synthetic insulating material, used by Arcteryx, The North Face and Tilak. Light, resilient, mechanically resistant, and most importantly hydrophobic - it does not soak up water!
- minimalist, universal design - Otul is a multifunction product and very easy to use. Simplicity of use, intuitive installation and adjustment without unnecessary additions.

Otul fits any hammock model. Assembly and adjustment of the tabs lasts literally one and a half minutes - and the degree of insulation can be adjusted already in the hammock thanks to the easily accessible stopwatch. You do not have to leave the sleeping bag and hammock to match the sub-booklet.

Half the length of Otula are sewn with two straps, which can be fastened from the top, then the insulating layer secures more than 85% of the hammock circuit. Thanks to hydrophobic insulation, Climashield Apex Otul protects against wind, frost and moisture.

Tunnels with ribs on the top and bottom of the napkins are carefully protected by "pouring" cold air and forming so-called. footbox / shoulderbox - a three-dimensional space that covers shoulders and feet, places particularly exposed to cooling. The four-chamber design of the pillow guarantees a constant, always maximum "loft" of warmth.

Otul is not just a hammock box - properly spaced tapes allow you to put it in the form of a jacket. This feature is especially useful during stops, meal breaks and other stationary activities. Waiting for morning coffee or admiring the sunset in the mountains will no longer be associated with frosty weather!

- Fabric: 100% polyamide micro-alloy
- Filling in: CLIMASHIELD Apex 4.0
- Comfort temperature: 10 ° C / -5 ° C
- Volume after packing: about 4l
- Dimensions: 200 x 135 cm
- Weight: 850 g (with suspension and cover)
- Includes: underquilt, suspension system, cover NOTE: The carabiner shown at last photo is not included in the set

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