GATE - WARFET™ Power Module - Ver. 1.1

GATE - WARFET™ Power Module - Ver. 1.1
GATE - WARFET™ Power Module - Ver. 1.1
GATE - WARFET™ Power Module - Ver. 1.1
GATE - WARFET™ Power Module - Ver. 1.1
GATE - WARFET™ Power Module - Ver. 1.1
GATE - WARFET™ Power Module - Ver. 1.1
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WARFET is GATE’s most advanced AEG Control System. It has 20 functions and almost 6 million possible configurations. Thanks to the PRE-COCKING and SMART TRIGGER functions, you can achieve a trigger response similar to a real gun. The Programmable Burst (1-5 rounds) enables you to fire a pre-determined number of BBs, which is very useful in MILSLIM and for using low-caps.

Another function is ROF Control, which allows you to reduce ROF, so you can use strong LiPo batteries, and still have ROF just like in a real rifle. If your AEG becomes jammed, the SMART FUSE protects the battery and the motor against damage.

It also prevents deep battery drain. Moreover, with WARFET you get: MOSFET, ON/OFF ACTIVE BRAKE, BUILT-IN SELF TEST, DEBOUNCING, and more. Many useful functions, great electrical specifications and conformal coating (military specifications: MIL-V-173C) make the AEG Control System able to meet the needs of most experienced airsoft players.

- User-friendly configuration via the Tactical Programming Card (not included)
- Sturdy and super-small size AEG Controller
- Compatibility with the strongest AEG replicas and batteries (ready to work with LiPo 14.8V, 5000 mAh, 60C)
- Tested with car batteries
- Super-easy installation - thanks to the Mini Tamiya adapters, you can connect WARFET to the original (stock) wiring; No soldering required
- It can work with most built-in MOSFETs
- With stock wiring, WARFET reduces melting switch assemblies
- In hardwired installation, WARFET draws the energy from the battery directly to the motor, bypassing the mechanical trigger contacts
- Resistant to atmospheric conditions (military specifications: MIL-V-173C)
- Deep-drain protection for 7.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V LiPoly and 9.6V, 12.8V LiFePO4
- Improves battery life, ROF, spring life and gearbox reliability

AEG Controller parameters:
- Wide range of supply voltage: 3-17V
- Protection against short-circuits: up to 1000A
- Incredibly low current consumption on stand-by: 0,2mA
- Ultra-low resistance: 2mΩ
- Dimensions: 56 x 20 x 9 mm
- Weight: 9,4 g

Included in the kit:
- WARFET Power Module
- Battery Mini Tamiya adapter
- AEG Mini Tamiya adapter
- Pair of Deans-T Connectors
- Single Trigger Wire
- Double Trigger Wire

PLEASE NOTE: There is no Programming Card included in this kit. The Programming Card is necessary for proper configuration. The WARFET Power Module is dedicated for users who, for example, have a few guns, and want to use several WARFETs. Therefore, they do need only one Tactical Programming Card for configuration of all their WARFETs.

If you have already bought a standard version of WARFET with Tactical Programming Card, and you want to buy one WARFET more, purchasing WARFET Power Module is more profitable.

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