Oakley - SI Tombstone Spoil Matt Schwarz Array Brille - Prizm 3LS - OO9328-01

Oakley - SI Tombstone Spoil Matt Schwarz Array Brille - Prizm 3LS - OO9328-01
Oakley - SI Tombstone Spoil Matt Schwarz Array Brille - Prizm 3LS - OO9328-01
Oakley - SI Tombstone Spoil Matt Schwarz Array Brille - Prizm 3LS - OO9328-01
Oakley - SI Tombstone Spoil Matt Schwarz Array Brille - Prizm 3LS - OO9328-01
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Oakley SI introduces a revolutionary competitive shooting eyeshield, Tombstone™. Developed through years of research and direct collaboration with the top qualified marksmen in the world. The science and testing behind Tombstone has led to breakthroughs in how competitive shooting glasses are made.

Oakley worked with top marksmen to identify the most crucial problems they encountered with conventional eyewear. The response focused on three specific areas: Field of View, Contrast/Clarity, and Lens Interchangeability. Solving these problems was at the forefront of designing all aspects of Tombstone™.

Tombstone™ are equipped with single release trigger for rapid lens exchange that is fingerprint free. The end result: Tombstone™, Oakley's most advanced shooting eyeshield delivering unprecedented performance for the modern day marksman.

Oakley incorporated PRIZM™ technology to provide contrast enhanced viewing to help lock in your target and decrease eye fatigue/eye strain.

Tombstone eyeshields deliver:
1. Greater field of view
2. Robust and rapid lens exchange

Lens features:
- Oakley SI Prizm™ technology uses formulated dye compounding technology, producing a color-tuned contrast lens specifically for shooting
- Boosts visual recognition of targets while blocking a variety of neighboring backgrounds such as dirt, trees and sky
- Allows the shooter to reduce eye fatigue and strain, while improving the ability to see reticle scope patterns more clearly
- Made from Plutonite®, Oakley’s high purity optical grade polycarbonate
- Meet or exceed impact and optical requirements per ANSI Z87.1 2003/2010
- Advanced anti-fog coating and hard coating for scratch resistance
- Blocks 100% of UVA, UVB and harmful violet-blue light up to 400 nm wavelength
- Features Oakley’s HDO® Optics to ensure razor-sharp clarity at every angle of vision

Frame features:
- Rimless frame increases scanning passive field of view to 120-degrees
- Thin stem technology enables compatibility with over-ear hearing protection/comms
- Rapid, single release trigger lens exchange keeps lenses free of fingerprints
- Durable and stress-resistant O Matter® frame material makes it comfortable and ultra lightweight

Oakley SI Tombstone™ Spoil cut has slightly smaller coverage and is intended for those with a smaller face shape.

Tombstone™ custom storage case allows for retaining up to three additional lens options.

Frame color: Matte Black
Lens color: Clear / Prizm™ TR22 / Prizm™ TR45
Weight: 27 g

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