BCB / Source - Jetstream Hydration Pack - Black - CR802B

BCB / Source - Jetstream Hydration Pack - Black - CR802B
BCB / Source - Jetstream Hydration Pack - Black - CR802B
BCB / Source - Jetstream Hydration Pack - Black - CR802B
BCB / Source - Jetstream Hydration Pack - Black - CR802B
BCB / Source - Jetstream Hydration Pack - Black - CR802B
BCB / Source - Jetstream Hydration Pack - Black - CR802B
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Jetstream Individual Hydration System, manufactured by British company BCB International Ltd in cooperation with Israeli company Source. It was made of very durable 500D nylon in black color. It has additional WXP Storm Valve hydration pack from Source, with a capacity of 3L.

Backpack is fastened at left with a solid two-way zipper. Thanks to this provides opening for the drinking tube over the shoulders or under the arm. At the front there is an additional, large and zippered pocket. Pouch has closed cell foam lining to help keep the watter bladder content cool.

Backpack features a detachable shoulder straps, so you can easily hide it to a larger backpack. Shoulder straps have adjustable length, chest belt, D-rings and straps for attaching additional gear.

Pouch has 6 D-rings and 4 composite buckles, so it can be easily connected to the vest, backpack (fits perfectly to BCB Payload backpack) or BCB Chilly™ Water Cooler system.

Attached WXP Storm Valve hydration pack has a capacity of 3 liters. The advantages of this great bag are:
- Large 52mm opening with handle
- Tight, low profile and one-handed operated NC Filler Cap
- Hi-Flow Storm-Valve™ No-bite push-pull valve with integrated shut-off mechanism. Like drinking with a straw. Easy disassembly for cleaning
- Angled Valve Turned 360 degrees for perfect valve/mouth orientation. Allows tube to be 25cm shorter.
- Dirt-Shield™ Protective Cover keeps the drinking valve free of dirt and protected
- QMT™ Additional In line QMTTM Quick Connector at the tube extremity, allows connection of filter, UTATM or other accessories with the push of a button
- Cool Weave Cover Tube Insulates and blocks UV-light. Water stays cool and Inhibits bacteria growth from first to last sip
- Widepac™ Wide Opening Access Patented slide closure for easy draining and cleaning. Airtight seal
- TASTE-FREE™ System Co-extruded PE film retains pure liquid taste with no plastic flavor. BPA and phthalate free
- Grunge-Guard™ Technology Inhibits bacteria growth on reservoir and drinking tube surfaces for the life of the system. Technology utilized FDA-approved and EPA-registered anti-microbial agent
- Easy Care & Low Maintenace For use with water, clean by simply rinsing the system and hanging it opened until dry. For use with energy drinks or sweetened liquids, follow the cleaning instructions in the attached care and maintenance booklet.

Total weight: 530g
Color: Black

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