External Parts - Air Soft Rifles

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Each owner of an soft guns replica will sooner or later decide to perform its internal and external tuning. In the SpecShop online shop you will find everything you need to increase the power and range of your softgun weapons, but also to enhance its appearance, improve ergonomics of use and TactiCool effect. Shop offers flame and sound silencer with left- or right- or right- and even quick QD mounting, AK and M16 replica pistol grips, bipods for sniper replicas as well as electric selectable rifles, e. g. AK and M16 rifles.SR16, RIS rails and guards, M-Lock, KEYMOD. In the Airsoft Shop, you'll buy the best external accessories from MadBull Airsoft, JBU Air soft, Amoeba AirSoft, Element soft gun. SpecShop is also a professional AirSoft service, where you can have your purchased parts assembled for your replica weapons.

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