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You don't have to take a map and compass everytime you go outside, to forest trip or simple walk.
But at more serious trips this inconspicuous stuff sometimes can save your skin.

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Medical Kits - an important, often neglected subject

Medical Kits -  an important, often neglected subject
Regardless of whether you are talking about bushcrafts, outdoor games, ASG shootouts, mil-sims or other outdoor games, a lot of attention is devoted to the subject of shoes, water, clothing, widely understood equipment, as well as backpacks and replicas. The subject of securing oneself for particularly unpleasant circumstances of an accident, requiring medical intervention, passes in passing and often goes to a very distant plan. We would say that this is quite a "medium" approach.

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LightSticks - Flameless Chemical Lights

LightSticks - Flameless Chemical Lights
Lightstick are light, waterproof, relatively cheap, multicolour, they don't need batteries, they don't heat up and they glow for up to 12 hours. Just bend it to the first "crunch", shake it and it's ready. Lightsticks, also known as glow plugs, or simply chemical lights, have found about a million applications over the last 40 years. The range of applications goes beyond the outdoor and military industry. For years, Lightsticks have been a sensation at parties, divers have also used them for a long time, and preppers have them as thoroughly as canned goods.

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